No area of family law brings to the courtroom the tension, anxiety, hostility, volatility and raw emotion as child custody and visitation litigation. Rare is the divorce, dissolution or custody determination in which the parties have been able to set aside personal differences to reach the goal of what is best for the children involved. Most parents pay lip service to this ideal, but often cannot reach it in actuality. Most often a judge will take great pains to get parents themselves to come to a mutually acceptable custody agreement if that is possible. A decision made by a stranger is rarely completely acceptable to all if the attempt has not been made in earnest.

The family court systems of the states usually have several layers of counseling, mediation and conciliation to attempt to bring warring parents together for the purpose of resolving the issue of what it is in the best interests of their children. Family law attorneys understand that your children are the most important thing in your life and will fight for your legal rights.
The Cost Of Hiring An Attorney

Uncontested divorces are much less expensive than contested divorces. If you and your spouse agree on every single issue, our firm can prepare all of the proper pleadings and attend the hearing necessary to get you divorced. The total cost, including filing fees, is $1,864.00. This is a non-refundable retainer, so make sure that you and your spouse are in complete agreement before you pay for an uncontested divorce.

If the parties cannot agree upon every single issue, then the divorce is contested. There are typically four components that make up the “cost” of hiring our firm for a contested divorce:Initial Retainer
The initial retainer is the “up front” money that is held by the firm in our trust account. We require an initial retainer in the range of $2,500 to $5,000, depending upon the complexity of your case. Keep in mind that initial retainers are non-refundable. It is very rare that this issue arises, but this policy is necessary because our firm makes a commitment to your case from the beginning, and we actually regulate the number of new clients we accept based upon the number of clients we already have. So, in order to represent you, we frequently pass up opportunities to work with other prospective clients.

Hourly Rate
A lawyer’s hourly rate is typically a reflection of that lawyer’s education, training and experience. Hourly rates vary widely in the legal community of family lawyers. The idea behind different hourly rates is that a more experienced attorney will take less time to perform a task than a less experienced attorney. Therefore, the more experienced attorney should adjust his or her rate upward to be comparably compensated for the task. The better rationale is that the more experienced attorney has over the years learned from many more mistakes than the less experienced attorney. There is a definite value for life experiences in the practice of law!

The lawyer bills against the initial retainer at the hourly rate in fractions of an hour (like 10ths of an hour). So, for example, a 15 minute telephone conference is billed as .3 hours multiplied by a $250 hourly rate which equals $75.

When the initial retainer drops below a predetermined amount, such as $1000, the client is required to replenish the retainer to that amount on a periodic basis, such as once per month.

Cost Deposit
Separate from the retainer is an amount to pay for actual out-of-pocket expenses such as filing fees, service of process, deposition expenses, postage, etc. We typically require a $500 initial cost deposit which disappears pretty quickly because the filing fee is $364 and service of process is approximately $35. Depending upon the case, future cost deposits may become necessary.…


In the family law practice, a good lawyer needs to be aggressive in defending his clients. He also needs to be aggressive in upholding the law and fighting for the just cause. Harvey Kallus ravensjerseyssmall is truly an aggressive lawyer who does his best to win each and every case and to stand out of the crowd by providing extraordinary family law services.

Harvey Kallus is a reputable family law attorney in New York with almost 3 decades of experience. Since 1987 when he was first admitted into the bar, he has helped thousands of clients to win and to taste the sweet aroma of justice. After spending several years as an associate attorney in an important law firm situated right in the heart of Newburgh, he decided to open his own private law firm.

Due to his invaluable experience as an associate lawyer, Harvey Kallus was able to quickly specialize in the areas of real estate law, family law and matrimonial law. Mr. Kallus has grown exponentially in the eyes of his clients by offering trustworthy and professional services to everyone who asked for his help.

In 2016, after almost 30 years of experience in the family law and estate law areas, Mr. Kallus has created a joint venture with another famous lawyer, Mrs. Barbara J. Strauss. Their new partnership was named Strauss & Kallus PLLC.

Strauss & Kallus PLLC uses a rational, deliberate approach in order to resolve the most complex family law issues such as custody and visitation, division of retirement assets, equitable distribution of marital debts and assets in case of divorce, spousal support and child care. Both Mr. Kallus and Mrs. Strauss are skilled negotiators who like to think out of the box and prefer to utilize creative dispute resolution methods in an effort to minimize conflict and maximize client input.

This firm strives to offer custom solutions in order to meet and even exceed the personalized needs of each client. Strauss & Kallus PLLC is a very active collaborator of the Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce Association, offering customized law services. To that end, Harvey Kallus works hand in hand with Richard Mandell, one of the most respected divorce mediators in the entire state of New York and one of the recognized leaders in alternative dispute resolutions.

In contentious cases that are difficult to pinpoint, Mr. Kallus gets to showcase his unique litigation skills, being able to invest just enough time in each case and for each particular client. Mr. Kallus is a promoter of the vital principle that successful results in law practice are only obtained with the active input and participation of clients. He is also extremely attentive to details and has an eye for the needs of each particular client.

Some of the most common real estate practices employed by Mr. Harvey Kallus include representation of the sellers and buyers in residential and commercial transactions, eviction actions, lease disputes and landlord-tenant disputes.

Harvey Kallus is the right family law or real estate attorney for your needs. You can contact him directly at Tel: (845) 294-2616 or Fax: (845) 294-3861.…

One party must be a resident of the state for 6 months prior to the filing of a petition for dissolution of marriage. The most common proof is a Florida Drivers License issued more than six months before the petition is filed, but a corroborating witness can also be used to verify residency.

Marriage “irretrievably broken”
Of all the issues which are commonly disputed between the parties,wholesale nfl jerseys from china “fault” is never one of them. That is because Florida is a “no fault” state, which means that a judge will grant the dissolution of marriage as long as one of the spouses states, “The marriage is irretrievably broken.” The statement means that, in the opinion of one spouse, there is no manner of counseling that would help the parties repair the marriage. An alternative ground for a divorce is that one of the parties has been adjudged mentally incapacitated for at least three years (most divorce attorneys don’t even know that one – Florida Statutes § 61.052(1)(b)).

If one spouse disagrees that the marriage is irretrievably broken (very rare), the court, pursuant to Statute, may, especially where children are involved, order the parties to counseling, continue the action for a maximum of three months to enable the parties to reconcile, or take such other actions as may be in the best interests of the parties or the minor children of the marriage. If you think that your marriage can be saved, you may want to consult with a marriage counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, minister, priest, rabbi, or other qualified person.

Financial Affidavits
Both parties must complete and file a family law financial affidavit. There are two different affidavits, depending on whether your income is more or less than $50,000 annually. Unlike other mandatory disclosures, the filing of financial affidavits cannot be waived by the parties.

If there are minor children, both parties must complete a course sanctioned by your court which teaches you how to act like an adult for the benefit of your kids. In Duval County, this is known as Children First in Divorce and is administered through Hope Haven Children’s Clinic and Family Center (904-346-5100). Whether or not you think you need it, the four hour course reminds you that your children are more important than you in this process.…